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About us

As a specialist in customised worldwide logistics, the Pavan Group always prioritises the customer and his needs. Thanks to our expertise, gained over many years, we can provide you with comprehensive support via customised logistics solutions for an increasingly globalised economy. We will always provide the most cost-effective logistic solution, across all of the borders and time zones. Pavan Group is your partner for all your sea and air freight, both for the transport of chilled products and for items that are transported at normal ambient temperatures. We will ensure that your goods arrive at their destination on time and as arranged.

We will not only organise your transport, but also support you in terms of the flawless and rapid completion of (customs) formalities in line with local standards and regulations. Our worldwide network of agents enables us to offer the necessary local expertise, know-how and support for every destination.

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What we do

Dry Containers

A standardised metal chest for transporting loose goods. Can be transported on the roads, over the water and by rail, without the goods having to be loaded on and off.


Less-than-container load (LCL) means that your goods can be transported without having to fill a whole container.


Freight is transported by air in special freight aircraft. Air freight is usually the quickest way to transport goods over long distances.

Project Cargo

Project Cargo is used for the national transport of large, heavy items of top quality that are critical for the project for which they are destined.

Temp Controlled

Valuable, temperature-sensitive or hazardous loads often require exceptionally reliable systems.

Ro-Ro Cargo

It is possible to drive all sorts of rolling cargo, such as cars, buses, lorries or specific types of rolling transport, onboard and off and to park them so that a smooth passage can be assured.